About Us

Our origin

Ndigo (also known as) “Atelier Ndigo” is a fashion brand founded by Stylist/Costume designer Waina Chancy a powerful women of culture who forged Atelier Ndigo by crafting a line of clothing with an edgy style that emphasized the beauty of art and fashion.
Our inspiration is driven by  the beauty of the color “indigo”, and the concept of taking delicate; fascinatingly colorful fabrics and being able to transform them into structured pieces that are inspired by architect and design. 
In the mists of timely thoughtfulness, Atelier Ndigo has evolved into the fashion forward line you see today. In it, are styles with unparallel design and creativity! As a brand on a mission to become an esteemed clothing brand, the designer made sure to own up to real craftsmanship, “woman-ship” and artistic talent, that would not only make them proud doers of the brand, but the people who wear Ndigo, proud wearers! 
The Atelier Ndigo has a focus to be an emblem of iconic fashion and clothing with the utmost quality and lasting impressions. In that focus, we adhere to not only creating exceptional pieces you’ll love, but that you will also be confident in!